Nina Riggs, author of The Bright Hour and Lucky Lucky, wrote
beautiful work on many subjects, including relationships and
domestic life. She knew how to savor every moment of her too-short
life, and in her poetry and her memoir, she explores the poignancy
and love that resonate in the details of every day. With this award,
Cave Wall seeks to honor poets like Nina, whose writing illuminates
just how extraordinary the ordinary can be.

Each year, Cave Wall will award at least one poet for the finest
writing that examines relationships, family, or domestic life.
will be looking for poems published in journals and books during
the previous three years. Each winner will receive at least $500
and, if funding permits, will be invited to give a reading in
Greensboro, NC, Nina Riggs’s hometown.


This is a crowd-funded award. Thank you to everyone who has
donated already. The Nina Riggs Poetry Foundation is a nonprofit
501(c)3 corporation.
Your entire donation is tax deductible. If you
would like to donate, you can mail a check (made out to
"The Nina
Riggs Poetry Foundation"
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Donations of $50 or more will be acknowledged on this website, as
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There is no application process for this award. The winners will be
chosen each year by a group that includes the editors of
Cave Wall,
Nina’s widower, John Duberstein, and a rotating selection of
We welcome nominations year-round by postal mail.
Please mail us copies of poems you come across that honor family or
relationships in some way, poems by living poets, published within
the last three years.
No self-nominations, please. Do not send an
entire book: please choose up to 6 poems from the book and
nominate those. Be sure to let us know the name of the poet and the
publication where the poem appeared. And please indicate
Riggs Award nomination"
on your envelope and on the cover letter
or poems themselves so that we don't confuse it with regular
submissions to the magazine.

If you have any questions, in the meantime, about Nina's work or
this award, feel free to email Rhett at

Thank you for supporting this fund through your donations and
nominations. Thank you for helping honor Nina's memory.

Cave Wall is a member of CLMP and abides by their code of ethics for running
a literary contest. The Nina Riggs Poetry Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3
corporation and as such has rules in place to be sure we give this award
equitably each year:

The following are ineligible for The Nina Riggs Poetry Award:

1. anyone related to someone on the foundation's board

2. anyone on the current Cave Wall masthead

3. a major donor who has given $1000 or more

Other exclusions:

4. No poems that have appeared in Cave Wall may receive this award.

5. The final selection committee will consist of Rhett Trull, Jeff Trull, John
Duberstein, and at least 3 rotating guest panelists each year.

6. If a guest panelist on the selection committee is related to one of the
finalists, he/she will recuse themselves and be replaced by a new panelist.

We will update this page with  more information on our timeline and our
process, throughout the year, in order to be as transparent as possible about
how this award is decided and administered.