We do not accept email submissions. Please follow the guidelines
, including our request that you not include your name on your
poems. During an open reading period, send your best work to:

Cave Wall Press, LLC
P.O. Box 29546
Greensboro, NC  27429-9546


Send 3-6 previously unpublished poems during the months indicated
above. Submissions that are not postmarked during our reading
periods will not be read. Please submit only once per reading period.

On your cover letter/page, please include your name, contact
information, and the titles of the poems you are submitting. We read
submissions blind, so
your name should not appear on the poems

All submissions must include a self-addressed stamped envelope for
reply. Unused work will be recycled.

Please allow up to 6 months for a reply. Simultaneous submissions
are okay with us. Just let us know immediately upon a poem's
acceptance elsewhere.

Payment is two copies of the issue in which your work appears and a
discount on extra copies.

Cave Wall acquires first North-American serial rights for poetry.

We encourage you to read an issue of
Cave Wall before you submit.
Find out what kind of poetry we like. Visit our
subscription page.


At the moment we are accepting art submissions year round. This is
subject to change. Refer back to this web site for updates.

We publish graphic works and drawings in black & white with no gray

We do not publish photography or other work with gray tones.

If you have art you'd like us to consider for publication, please send
5-10  8-1/2" x 11" reproductions (photocopies accepted) to the
address above.

Include Artist, Title of Work, Medium, and Date on the back of each
print. If the work has been published before, please let us know

Include SASE for response. Please do not send originals or other
materials that need to be returned.

If your work is accepted for publication, we will send you the
specifications for submitting each piece as a digital file.

Payment is two copies of the issue in which your work appears and a
discount on extra copies.

Response time can take up to 2 months for art.
Cave Wall acquires
one-time publication rights for artwork.
Cave Wall is currently closed to submissions. Check back in early
2024 for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: We read blind. Any submissions with names on the
poems will not be considered.
(That's not actually true. We would
never throw out a submission, BUT adding that sentence has
decreased the number of poems coming in with names.)Thank you for
following the guidelines.